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"It’s really Spock and Kirk and Bones. They’re three viewpoints of the same mind, and I feel like it’s one person arguing internally sometimes."
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say it with me:

makeup is gender neutral

I whispered “makeup is gender neutral” out loud on the train and the guy next to me looked at me weird but then whispered “fuck yea” back

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A minute of silence for all the good books with bad movie adaptions.

A minute of silence for all the bad books that are getting movie adaptations.

A minute of silence for books with the movie adaptation on the front cover.

A minute of silence for The Last Airbender.

Ten minutes of silence for The Last Airbender.

Two hours of stunned horrified silence for The Last Airbender.

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Imagine if Bones and Jim were on campus one day and they overhear some of the other cadets talking. They’re trash talking about Jim, saying he’s only got into the Academy because of his dad, and is only passing his classes because he’s letting the professors fuck him (no way he’s getting grades like that on his own). A couple of the cadets start talking about what a slut Kirk his, saying they’ve gotten blown by him and he was a total whore—just gagging for it. The group asks one of the guys, “Hey, aren’t you friends with him, though?” and the guy laughs and says, “We hang out, but only because he’s a good time. It’s what he’s good for.”

Jim stands frozen as the group passes moves further down the hall, unaware that subject of their conversation and his best friend are had been standing behind the door they’ve just been gossiping in front off.

Bones starts to stalk out the door, intent on bashing a few pea-brained cadets’ heads in, but stops short at Jim’s sudden burst of jittery laughter. The sound is like pennies hitting metal.

"Hey! Looks like I’ve got quite the reputation, huh? Could be worse. They could be saying I’m a bad fuck instead of a good one," Jim starts to babble, giving another sharp laugh as if desperate to turn the whole thing into a big joke. "And ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ are actually pretty tame. I could think of worse. Usually a reference to my ‘cocksucker lips’ is thrown in somewhere."

"Jim. Stop."

"And they did say I’m a good time—"

"Jim. Stop," Bones repeats more forcefully, grabbing the other man by the upper arms and squeezing hard.

"You don’t have to play this off as some joke—some joke you’re in on," Bones tells Jim gently.

Jim’s smile crumbles and his eyes tighten at the corners. “Bones,” he whispers, at a loss. Bones has stripped his coping mechanism from him and left him vulnerable.

"Those assholes know nothing about you, Jim. Nothing," Bones informs him adamantly.

Jim sucks in a breath and tries not to let it show how much that reassurance is affecting him. The whole time they’d been listening all he’d been able to think is, ‘What if Bones believes this? What if Bones decides they’re right and doesn’t want you around anymore?’

"They’ve judgmental, arrogant, small-minded idiots with shit for brains."

Jim’s lips slope upward every so slightly at that.

"I don’t give a fuck what any of them think of you, Jim. Because I know you. And I know your ten times the person any of them will ever be."

This is not the first time Jim has overheard people talking badly of him. But it is the first time he’s had someone defend him.

"Don’t let them make ya doubt your worth, Jim," Bones adds, softening his grip. "I never have."

Jim’s felt a new kind of embarrassment when his eyes well up and his vision goes blurry.

Luckily Bones seems to sense his mortification and doesn’t mention the tears, instead reaching out and ruffling the younger man’s hair in an effort to lighten the mood.

Jim wants to take the out, but can’t. He reaches up and stills Bones’ hand, eyes finding his friend’s gaze. “Thank you.”

Bones nods. There is a heaviness in the air between them for a moment until Bones clears his throat and looks away, stomach tingling.

"We should get some lunch. We’ve only got an hour before sims," he says to break the moment. Now’s not the time to act on his feelings.

Jim gives a weak smile and Bones hates that he feels the need to put on a happy face, but doesn’t call him on it. “Okay, yeah.”

Bones guides Jim out the room with a hand between his shoulder blades. He’s not normally so touchy with the other man—in fact, it’d taken him a while to get used to Jim’s tactile nature—but no one can blame him for taking care to give Jim small, casual reassuring touches the rest of the day.

And no one can blame him for making sure each one of those cadets’ next physicals go far from smoothly.

"Cap and Black Widow are are very different people. It’s kind of like this odd pairing. She has very questionable morality, and she makes a living, lying. Cap couldn’t do it, if he tried." - Chris Evans


wow i can’t believe lesbians shove their boobs up each other’s vaginas

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Sam & Jack in Crystal Skull.

Because actually sitting IN each other’s laps would have been too obvious.

Is his elbow actually resting on her leg?

I think it’s sorta resting on the arm of his chair AND Sam’s leg. Sneaky, Jack. Very sneaky.



Avengers AU - S.H.I.E.L.D detains superheroes rather than working with them.

└ You want to know what went wrong? How this, breakout could have been prevented? Lets start with the prisoners. I mean, who would bring those people together and not expect what happened? Maybe it’s for the best they escaped. Look around, the world is falling apart and we’re hoarding our best chance at salvation. Hiding them in deep dark corners because we’re so afraid of them; afraid that they’re the monsters our parents told us about at night.  Take a look in the mirror, the real monsters are staring back.

This is the coolest fucking thing i’ve ever seen.